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"A masterpiece"

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In early 2015, an actor named Adam Lloyd-James was growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of creative control he had in the projects he was working on. Of course, he was an actor - and therefore had no business sticking his uneducated nose into the messy and complex business of producing, directing, effects, or any other part of the industry with any measure of the 'creative control' that he so desired. So obviously he set up a company and got to work.

On the 13th of May 2015, Beyond The Horizon Theatre Company was born. Its mission statement: to present audiences with a brand of live entertainment beyond what they usually see.

Beyond The Horizon's adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III opened just under a year later in April 2016 at the Mission Theatre in Bath. Audience and critical response was immense. The opening line of the first review for Beyond The Horizon's first night of their first show read as follows: "This is Richard III as you have never seen it before" - already, the mission statement was fulfilled, and Beyond The Horizon had their first 5-star review.

The critical acclaim for Richard III kept coming after that - "It fizzes with imaginative energy from the get-go"... "The innovative approach leaves this critic gasping with admiration"... "Energetic, fast paced, urban chaos"... "The two hours that the play had been abridged to flew by"... "There is no shortage of acting talent anywhere in the production"... "Great intensity and energy"... "Fast paced and passionate"... "Theatrical excellence"... "Ground-breaking"... "Outstanding"... "Stunning". And that was just from the critics.


Following this - on top of the consistent sell-out crowds, encores, and standing ovations from audiences - Beyond The Horizon announced that they would be taking the show on tour from March to September 2017, making the jump from local theatre group to touring production company. Today, Beyond The Horizon produce dynamic, immersive touring productions that maintain their original aims, driven by emotive stories and high-quality effects.

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"It fizzes with imaginative energy from the get-go ... Stunning"

Theatre Bath

(Richard III)